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ICPE 2023: Breaking barriers in cancer care

At ICPE 2023, we are proud to participate in a global platform that facilitates the exchange of scientific information, drives policy development, and advances education and advocacy, particularly in the field of pharmacoepidemiology and drug safety. Through our research, we strive to contribute to the exchange of scientific knowledge and champion improved healthcare outcomes for patients with cancer:

  • Our research utilizes cutting-edge AI methodologies, like natural language processing and machine-learning, to accelerate evidence generation for oncology in pharmacoepidemiology and HEOR. With these advanced ML techniques, we can rapidly analyze large datasets, providing comprehensive, accurate insights into real-world treatment patterns and patient characteristics.

  • Our research advances health equity by addressing disparities in healthcare access, diversity in clinical research, and outcomes in cancer treatment. We study the underrepresentation of racial and ethnic groups in cancer trials and examine the impact of structural racism on treatment initiation and survival rates in specific cancers. These insights guide targeted initiatives to optimize diversity planning in clinical trials, and improve the identification and recruitment of patients.

We are excited to share our research findings with the scientific community as our presence this year signifies a milestone in gleaning insights from a broader spectrum of patient experiences than ever before, driving the transformation of cancer care and improving public health. We maintain our commitment to using data for good - to understand the value of new medicines and increase access worldwide. 

Featured speaking session

Using pharmacoepidemiology database resources to address drug safety research

Wednesday, August 23, 2023 | 8:30AM – 12:30PM ADT
Argyle 3

Matthew Reynolds, PhD, FISPE, VP, Scientific Engagement will co-lead this skills course exploring pharmacoepidemiology’s use of databases to assess clinical outcomes and drug safety. It will cover various data resources, selection criteria, guidelines and considerations. 


Clinical trial diversity planning solution

Our solution leverages data derived from diverse patient populations, at the point of care, offering actionable, accurate insight. No matter what stage you are in, Flatiron can help you design, or refine a trial diversity plan that addresses FDA guidelines.

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Our featured experts at ICPE

Learn more about our thought leaders that will be on the ground at ICPE, bringing invaluable expertise and knowledge: 


Matthew Reynolds, PhD, FISPE

Vice President, Scientific Engagement

Matt is an epidemiologist who has been in the pharmaceutical and consulting arena for 24 years with expertise in real-world data and its fitness of use for pharmaceutical needs. In his new role at Flatiron, Matt works closely with biopharma customers to understand their unique oncology evidence needs, scope and define scientific solutions tailored to address these goals, and advance Flatiron's capabilities in RWE analytic services.


Harlan Pittell, PhD

Quantitative Scientist

Harlan helps to deliver real-world evidence to Flatiron clients and utilizes Flatiron's EHR-derived databases to generate new insights on health inequities in the United States among patients with cancer. Before joining Flatiron, Harlan completed his PhD in health policy and management from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, where he assessed the benefits of EHR data.


Laurynas Kalesinskas, PhD

Quantitative Scientist

Larry works on the intersection of machine learning and RWE, focusing on creating approaches to unlock data and generate insights from unstructured clinical data. Before Flatiron, Larry completed his PhD in Biomedical Informatics from Stanford University, where he worked on developing statistical and machine learning methodologies for EHR and genomic data.

Featured resources

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Challenging the status quo of clinical research


Real-World Evidence Services


Enhanced Datamart


Clinico-Genomic Database

Our research


Structural racism and inequities in real-world treatment and survival among patients with four solid-tumor cancers

Harlan Pittell, Jenny Guadamuz, Amy Pierre, Cleo Ryals, Greg Calip

Date: Saturday, August 26

Time: 1:05PM – 1:10PM ADT

Session: Lightning Session 2

Location: Argyle 1

This research aimed to investigate the associations between structural racism and treatment initiation as well as survival rates among individuals diagnosed with four specific types of solid-tumor cancers: metastatic breast cancer, advanced non-small cell lung cancer, metastatic pancreatic cancer, and advanced endometrial cancer.


Mediators of racial/ethnic inequities in clinical trial participation among US patients with cancer, 2011-2022

Jenny Guadamuz, Greg Calip, Ivy Altomare, Wendy Wang

Date: Sunday, August 27

Time: 9:45AM – 10:00AM ADT

Session: Mapping the Road to Health Equity/Equality

Location: MR109

In this study, researchers aimed to identify social determinants of health that contribute to racial/ethnic inequities in clinical trial participation among patients diagnosed with 22 different types of solid and blood cancers.


Unlocking the patient journey: comparing machine learning based natural language processing and expert abstraction in understanding treatment patterns

Larry Kalesinskas, Corey Benedum, Erin Fidyk, Sheila Nemeth, Aaron Cohen, Melissa Estevez

Date: Saturday, August 26

Time: 8:00AM – 6:00PM ADT

Session: Poster Session B

Location: Convention Hall

In this study, researchers aimed to investigate the influence of two different approaches to data curation, namely expert-abstraction and machine learning based natural language processing (ML-extraction), on the ability to accurately measure patient characteristics and capture real-world treatment patterns.

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