That's a wrap for Season ‘22

In this season we focused on integrated evidence—a vision for how we generate clinical and real-world evidence to accelerate R&D, make research more inclusive and healthcare more sustainable. Here you can catch up on what you missed or rewatch your favorites.

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    Start with the basics, and take the next steps with a variety of use cases. With case studies, videos and tutorials, you will learn where and how integrated evidence is being put to work to transform research and improve care for every patient.

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  • EPISODE 01

    Beyond real-world evidence: Integrated evidence offers a new perspective
  • EPISODE 02

    Integrated evidence: Using multi-modal data to create new insights
  • EPISODE 03

    Bridging the divide: Opportunities to integrate clinical research into everyday care
  • EPISODE 04

    How novel methodologies and analytics are powering integrated evidence
  • EPISODE 05

    Life sciences case studies: Using RWE to support decision-making
  • EPISODE 06

    Centering the patient’s voice: A discussion