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October 18, 1–⁠2PM ET

What have we learned: Adapting to RWE regulatory guidance and experience


Oct 18


What have we learned: Adapting to RWE regulatory guidance and experience
1–⁠2PM ET
Live Q&A
  • Brian Clancy

    Director, Real World Data Solutions

    Foundation Medicine

  • Evgeny Degtyarev

    Director, Biostatistics 


  • Lynn Howie, MD

    Medical Director II

    Flatiron Health

  • Jillian Motyl Rockland, MPH (Moderator)

    Director, Regulatory Strategy 

    Flatiron Health

Given the recent release of various guidances from global health authorities, the regulatory use of real-world evidence (RWE) continues to evolve. At the same time, using RWE to support regulatory submissions continues to be a key focus area for both regulators and life sciences companies. In this ResearchX session, industry leaders will share their experiences with regulatory applications of RWE in various contexts and discuss how RWE can meaningfully contribute to regulatory submissions. Specific case studies will be shared.

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Fall ’22

Machine Learning

Scaling insights in cancer care with machine learning
Live Q&A
Speakers To Be Announced

The curation of real-world data (RWD) has already transformed cancer care —machine learning (ML) has the potential to exponentially increase this impact. This ResearchX episode will highlight Flatiron's evolving perspective of machine learning, describe our models for extracting variables as well as present our recently published framework on how to evaluate RWD produced using ML.

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